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Investing responsibly. Promoting development.

With develoPPP, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) promotes private-sector activities where entrepreneurial opportunities and development policy potential meet. Companies that want to invest sustainably in a developing and emerging country and expand their local operations can receive financial and technical support under the programme.  

Are you planning to train local experts or improve environmental and social standards in your supply chain? Do you have an innovative business idea that will improve living conditions in a developing or emerging country? Learn more now and become part of the develoPPP success story! 

Up to 2 million euros
Funding with a maximum of 50% public contribution
Local networks
for your project
In over
available worldwide

develoPPP is one of the programmes offered by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to promote collaboration with actors in the private sector.

Since January 2024, all programmes are operating under the umbrella brand Partners in Transformation. This new title emphasises the partnership between the private sector and development cooperation, with the shared goal of achieving a social and environmental transformation in BMZ’s partner countries.

The programmes work with companies, trade unions, chambers of commerce, associations and other interest groups.

Find out more at Private sector | BMZ (German only)

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Sustainable supply chains: Towards more sustainable production worldwide

For a growing number of consumers, the sustainability of products is of central importance. This challenges companies to enforce even stricter oversight of globally interconnected supply chains while facilitating compliance with international standards by their suppliers. At the same time, this offers a major opportunity – both for the companies themselves and for the people in developing countries and emerging economies. Do you want to increase transparency and sustainability in your supply chain?

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Digitalisation: Digital transformation in developing countries and emerging markets

In order to keep pace with global competition, technology companies need to develop their solutions even faster and scale them into new markets. At the same time, digital know-how and innovations present a major opportunity for developing and emerging countries to strengthen their individual economies and generate sustainable growth. Your company is aiming to introduce an innovative technology in a development-related field or to improve the digital skills of workers in a developing country or emerging market?

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Gender equality: Seeing diversity as opportunity

By specifically addressing gender aspects, companies in developing countries and emerging economies can act as important role models. At the same time, they can respond to the growing demand of their customers and shareholders for fairly manufactured products. Are you seeking to improve the economic situation for women in your supply chain, mainstream gender aspects among your suppliers or facilitate access to development-related products for women?

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develoPPP Classic

develoPPP Classic is aimed at medium-sized and large companies that want to invest sustainably in a developing or emerging country and expand their operational activities locally. Suitable projects receive technical and financial support of up to two million euros in public funding.

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develoPPP Ventures

develoPPP Ventures is aimed at young companies that are already active with an innovative business model in a developing or emerging country and are ready to take the next step. Within the framework of a matching funds model, a public growth investment of up to 100,000 euros is possible.

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