Application procedure - Would you like to take part in

To apply, you can use the application forms to submit your project idea to the partner of your choice. The ideas competition is held four times a year.

Applications can be submitted in the six weeks up to the end of the quarter. All the project ideas received are evaluated on the basis of standardised criteria. DEG and GIZ assess which projects are eligible and notify the companies of the outcome within four weeks of the submission deadline.

If your application is successful, DEG or GIZ will help you to prepare a detailed project concept specifying the agreed contribution, the project measures and the time frame. You can start implementing your project once you have signed the partnership agreement.

Please note: Due to the current situation, resources within the programme are being focused in the field of COVID-19 Response. The deadlines for applications for CLASSIC will be adjusted accordingly: Here, project proposals can be submitted again between October 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.