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Kenya Fintech develops digital management solutions for public transport

Sub-Saharan Africa

Lack of transparency and inadequate record keeping hinder growth, profitability and efficiency in business management in Kenya's small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is estimated that around 30 percent of SMEs' turnover (4.7 billion euros) is lost annually due to cash transactions without proper accounting. This also affects public transport, for which the Kenyan company Fintech Data Integrated Limited (DIL) is now developing digital payment solutions and customer management systems. In this way, it can establish its MobiTill solution, which has already been introduced in retail and gastronomy, in another sector. The company's investment project is co-financed by DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. It is a pilot project in preparation for the new develoPPP Ventures programme, with which the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports innovative start-ups in developing and emerging countries.

Kenya's public transport system is inefficiently managed and prone to corruption as it relies on cash payments and there is no payment control. Bus drivers collect the proceeds from ticket sales directly and usually pay a fixed fee to the bus company. The lack of monitoring gives drivers the opportunity, for example, to charge higher fares when it rains or buses are full, or to avoid less lucrative routes. As a result, some stops are not served at all, while others are served by more buses than needed. With the introduction of a digital system, bus cooperatives (SACCOs) can better control ticket sales and movements on public transport. DIL currently has contracts with 40 SACCOs operating a total of 5,000 buses and plans to further expand its business in this sector.

Data Integrated Limited (DIL), a women-owned Kenyan Fintech company, offers an affordable, holistic payment solution complete with customer management system for SMEs. A combination of point-of-sale device, proper transaction recording and real-time payment tracking enables improved monitoring and transparency of payment transactions. The MobiTill solution has already been successfully implemented at wholesalers, retailers, bars and restaurants. The expansion of the system for public transport with video surveillance system and card payment enables SACCOs for the first time to monitor passenger numbers, number of tickets sold as well as locations of buses. This makes it possible to ensure access to certain stops, optimise bus routes and monitor payment flows, including the number of tickets sold. Between 2019 and 2020, the company's expansion investment was co-financed with 100,000 euros, with 100,000 euros raised by the company.

With our innovation, we have helped to make public transport in Kenya more efficient and reliable, which benefits everyone - the bus operators as well as the passengers.
Mary Mwangi, CEO Data Integrated Limited (DIL)
DIL employees explain MobiTill to a passenger on the bus (Kenya)
The MobiTill solution contributes to the profitability, efficiency and reliability of urban transport in Kenya. Photo: © Data Integrated Limited (DIL)

DIL's MobiTill payment solution, combined with corresponding tracking systems, has helped SACCOs and bus operators to significantly improve their efficiency and profitability. They have now been able to optimise bus routes and ensure that all bus drivers make all stops. Passengers benefit from a more reliable transport system with more price transparency, less corruption and predictability on bus routes. SACCOs that have adopted DIL's solution have increased their revenues by up to 40 percent. In the long run, DIL's innovation will also contribute to the formalisation of employment, as more bus drivers will now have official employment contracts.


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524 Bus drivers with better working conditions through formalised contracts

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40 percent more revenue for the bus companies


35 new jobs in the company and with partners


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40 bus companies use MobiTill

develoPPP Ventures

develoPPP Ventures is aimed at young companies that are already active with an innovative business model in a developing or emerging country and now want to take the next step. Within the framework of a matching funds model, a public growth investment of 100,000 euros is possible.

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Data Integrated Limited

FinTech Data Integrated Limited (DIL) was founded in 2012 and offers financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.

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DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

As subsidiary of KfW, DEG promotes the social and ecological transition of the private sector in developing and emerging-market countries. It supports partner companies with financing expertise and entrepreneurial know-how to implement impactful develoPPP projects under their own management.

Mary Mwangi
Mary Mwangi CEO of Data Integrated Limited (DIL) Data Integrated Limited (DIL)
Julia Stausberg-Umuerri
Julia Stausberg-Umuerri Project Manager develoPPP DEG Impulse gGmbH