Invest in future markets worldwide for long-term profits

Could developing and emerging countries be your markets of tomorrow? 

But do you feel that legal uncertainty, poor training opportunities, weak infrastructure or the lack of a professional network in the country make investing in such markets too risky?

DEG and GIZ not only support companies to minimise financial risk and ensure the project has the proper scale; they will also work with you to develop a viable project concept that is tailored to your needs and aligned with the reality of the partner country. The joint focus is on feasibility.

The partners will assist you with project execution and monitoring the results through to the final financial accounting and ultimate evaluation. Qualified experts with regional expertise will also support you with implementation if requested.

The partners at your side have a global network to governments, the private sector, municipalities, chambers of commerce, associations and non-governmental organisations. They facilitate contacts and support you with building local alliances. They negotiate different interests in sensitive contexts and advise policy-makers on institutionalising results for the long term.

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Without the involvement of the private sector there can be no sustainable development

Within the, the private sector and development cooperation agencies join forces to identify solutions to the global challenges we face, especially the challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Enterprises that conduct their business activities in developing and emerging countries in a sustainable manner create jobs, safeguard incomes, provide technical expertise and introduce sustainable technologies. German and European businesses with international operations often set quality standards for local companies. And Germany’s dual vocational training system is a world leader.

Vocational education and training, food security, decent production and working conditions, secure employment, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, climate change and technology transfer are thus the focus of our cooperation with the private sector.

The private sector and development cooperation agencies are strong partners. With our combined resources, wealth of expertise and private sector capital, we can make real and long-lasting improvements to the living conditions of people in developing and emerging countries.

Building alliances with non-governmental organisations and associations

Increasingly, development partnerships are being realised between DEG, GIZ and the private sector together with civil society representatives – an arrangement that benefits all, in particular the local population.

Non-governmental organisations and associations are valuable partners in establishing sustainable structures, the focus of their mission. They often have their own local presence in the partner countries and are well-connected actors in society, municipalities and professional and educational institutions. Thanks to their connections, they contribute to enhancing broad-based impact. The organisations themselves benefit from business activities, investment willingness and the highly specialised expertise of the companies.

Perhaps you know of a company, NGO or association with whom you can submit a project idea?

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