Publications | Booklet: Development partnerships with the private sector

How do I apply? What opportunities does the programme offer companies and how does it support local development? The booklet " - Development partnerships with the private sector" gives a short overview of the programme and the two public partners DEG and GIZ.

Project descriptions

DEG - Mount Elgon Orchards - Vocational training in floriculture and tourism

Rose exporter Mount Elgon Orchards Ltd. grows roses in Kenya. Employees’ health and well-being is a priority for the company. Together with DEG, Mount Elgon Orchards improves the quality of life of employees and creates long-term development prospects. Factsheet DEG – Mount Elgon Orchards

DEG - Biopartenaire - Basis for a mobile cashless payment system

Trading with cocoa can be a risky business in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire; cash robberies tend to peak during the harvesting period. To minimise security risks for suppliers and traders, Barry Callebaut, operating through its subsidiary Biopartenaire and supported by DEG, has launched a cashless banking system based on mobile phones. Factsheet DEG – Biopartenaire

DEG - Blutsgeschwister - Garment industry pioneers

In cooperation with DEG and the non-governmental Organisation Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) the fashion label Blutsgeschwister GmbH supports the development of a sustainable supply chain and the improvement of production conditions in China and Indien. Factsheet DEG – Blutsgeschwister

DEG - INTERCUS - Innovative implants and operating techniques

In Viet Nam, INTERCUS and DEG are modernising orthopaedics and trauma surgery and add to the provision of high-quality implants for the Vietnamese people. Factsheet DEG – INTERCUS

DEG - Lorch/Don Bosco - Brand ambassadors with prospects

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH, Don Bosco Mondo and DEG establish a welding school in Pune. By October 2016, 160 young people will have completed the full training programme and a further 260 will have qualified as welders. All trainees on the first two courses found work straight away. Factsheet DEG – Lorch/Don Bosco

DEG - Picard - Leather from Bangladesh: fairly produced and environmentally friendly

Picard and DEG are strengthening standards and launching training courses in Bangladesh. 41 students have already completed their training, with 25 more completing the course each year. Picard sources its raw materials from a tannery that also meets employment and environmental standards. Factsheet DEG – Picard

DEG - tubus - Sewer rehabilitation based on cutting-edge technology

Together with DEG, tubus GmbH brings the no-dig sewer rehabilitation method to China, a sustainable and cost-effective Technology. Factsheet DEG – tubus

GIZ - UST/Lithec/GeoConsult - Alliance with local partners

UST Umwelt Systemtechnik GmbH, GeoConsult Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltschutz und Geotechnik mbH and LITHEC GmbH are on the ground in Sanzibar. Their aim: to improve the quality of drinking water and thereby establish themselves in the region as suppliers of relevant technologies. Factsheet GIZ – UST/Lithec/GeoConsult

GIZ - Symrise/Unilever - Better living conditions - better vanilla

On Madagascar, Symrise and Unilever improve the living conditions of vanilla farmers with the help of GIZ and Save the Children and receive sustainably grown high-quality vanilla in return. Factsheet GIZ – Symrise/Unilever

GIZ - Solinc - Harnessing the power of the sun

Solinc East Africa Ltd. and GIZ supply Kenyan households in rural areas with electricity - using mobile solar home systems. With the support of GIZ, Solinc is developing an affordable financing plan that also enables low-income families to use a mobile solar system. Factsheet GIZ – Solinc

GIZ - Schwabe - True strength lies in calmness

Together GIZ phytopharmaceuticals manufacturer Schwabe promotes valerian cropping in Kyrgyzstan. A training Programme trains the farmers in cropping and processing the valerian. In addition, long-term supply contracts with the local partner Galenpharm ensure a higher income for the smallholding families. Factsheet GIZ – Schwabe

GIZ - SAP - A quantum leap into the digital age

SAP and GIZ are revolutionising the administration of a farmers’ organisation in Uganda. Processes are simplified and made more transparent with app-based software resulting in higher productivity and increasing income for the farmers. This successful beacon project shows that there is a demand in Africa for SAP’s services. Factsheet GIZ – SAP

GIZ - Original Food - Coffee from the biosphere reserve

Original Food and GIZ pursue the objective of integrating further smallholders in the Kaffa and Sheka regions into the supply chains for certified organic wild coffee and other agricultural products such as tea, honey and medicinal plants. The smallholders were also helped along the path to organic and Fairtrade certification. Factsheet GIZ - Original Food

GIZ - Nateva - Good business for the women of Ituri

Nateva and GIZ support the production of essential oils in the Congo. Nateva has gained access to a source of high-quality organic geranium oil, with an option to purchase other oils. Around 240 people, 80 per cent of whom are single mothers, have secured well-paid employment with Avituri, the local partner of Nateva. Factsheet GIZ – Nateva

GIZ - Microsoft - A broad alliance to tackle e-waste

In cooperation with the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and the environmental organisation DISHA Mircrosoft and GIZ are optimising the recycling chain for e-waste in India to make recycling of electronic waste efficient and more socially and environmentally sustainable. Factsheet GIZ – Microsoft

GIZ - Häfele - Quality products for the global market

In Viet Nam Häfele and GIZ improve standards in the furniture industry by providing training for small and medium-sized enterprises. Factsheet GIZ – Häfele

GIZ - GWE Group - Clean drinking water with solar energy

Water is scarce in northern Ghana. In Chereponi District, for instance, only about a third of the 63,000 inhabitants have access to clean drinking water. Groundwater and rivers are contaminated from uncontrolled disposal of waste, causing cholera or diarrhoea, and the excessively high fluoride content in the water also causes tooth decay. Factsheet GIZ – GWE Group

GIZ - Dräger - Better cardiology services for children in Bolivia

Using new diagnostic techniques and treatments Dräger, leading in medical and security technology, teamed up with GIZ in a development partnership to reduce child mortality caused by heart disease in Bolivia. The company is donating medical equipment to the ‘El Niño’ children’s hospital in La Paz and trains staff. Factsheet GIZ – Dräger

GIZ - DAV Summit Club - Promoting mountain tourism in the Balkans

DAV Summit Club and GIZ are promoting mountain tourism in the Balkans. The ‘Peaks of the Balkans’ region is a tourist destination with high growth potential, which the DAV Summit Club is tapping into with the help of GIZ. Sustainable value creation in the region is boosting incomes and creating jobs. Factsheet GIZ – DAV Summit Club

DEG - WWF - 5,000 fisher folk fishing sustainably

WWF and DEG, the Swiss retailer Coop, Bell Group, a Swiss meat and fish processing company and Sea Fresh BV, a fish-processing company from the Netherlands, aim to bring the yellowfin tuna fishery in the Philippines into line with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Factsheet DEG – WWF

DEG - BESH - Sowing spices – harvesting the future

The Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall (BESH) AG and DEG offered to help small farmers in India, Serbia and Tanzania cultivate their spices using methods based on organic and biodynamic principles. Factsheet DEG - BESH