Transforming energy with wind and solar power


Grid feed-in of wind and solar energy is dependent on the weather and thus highly volatile – and grid operators in Mexico and Central America lack the information they need to forecast the fluctuating electricity generation from these renewable energy sources. The German company energy & meteo systems GmbH offers services and software products that help integrate wind and solar power into energy systems efficiently around the clock. The company believes that there is great potential for it to establish itself as a service provider in Latin America, as the region is focusing particularly on developing solar and wind energy.

Knowledge transfer in the field of power forecasts for renewable energy was the driving factor for the development partnership between the Oldenburg-based company and GIZ. In a series of workshops, they shared their expertise with local partners and then put it into practice together. In a year-long practical phase, power forecasts were produced on an ongoing basis for selected wind and solar parks.

‘We are extremely satisfied with the progress and results of this project,’ concludes Dr Matthias Lange, Managing Director of energy & meteo systems. ‘With GIZ’s support, we have gained the confidence of the partners and established a broad network in Central America and Mexico. We have learned a great deal about the electricity markets and have been able to contribute know-how in the field of power forecasting for wind and solar energy gained from the German and global energy transition.’

Thanks to their participation in the project, grid operators, electricity traders and plant operators are now aware of the technical possibilities for forecasting the weather-dependent feed-in of wind and solar energy more accurately. energy & meteo systems has gained access to the local market and established itself as a service provider – for the company, this is the start of a long-term commitment to Latin America. supports companies working in developing countries that are contributing to the establishment of viable, self-reliant economic structures. We support them in sharing risks and provide long-term support as a reliable partner in international cooperation.