Your financing partner: DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

DEG, a subsidiary of KfW Group, has partnered with private companies operating in developing and emerging countries since 1962. Its clients operate in the agricultural, manufacturing, services, infrastructure and finance sectors. They come from developing and emerging countries, from Germany and other industrialised countries. DEG’s financing and advisory services are as multifaceted as the projects they support. The services are individually tailored to meet the clients’ needs and can be flexibly adapted. DEG is active in over 80 countries and has a large international network of local offices.

The is part of DEG’s multifaceted financing and advisory services with which it supports companies in markets of the future. This includes feasibility studies, promoting innovative business models (the up-scaling programme) and financing larger-scale investments with equity capital and loans. DEG offers Business Support Services to assist companies with boosting their performance, growth and development results.

As the leading European development finance institution for the private sector, DEG deliberately taps into developing markets that offer opportunities for private companies. After all, businesses are a key factor for creating jobs, income and prospects in these markets.

What does DEG offer you as part of

DEG works with you to develop and structure a viable project design aligned with the reality of the partner country. DEG offers competent in-depth advice for all phases of implementation and contributes its expertise on reconciling and maximising commercial and development policy objectives.

Partners value DEG’s entrepreneurial approach, which has the partner’s long-term business success in its sights. Since the programme was launched in 1999, DEG has implemented more than 1,000 projects worldwide.

For companies that wish to implement their projects independently and operate long-term in the partner country, DEG is the right partner.

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