Find the right partner to support your involvement

Select the ideal partner for your project depending on the investment project, the level of support you need and the industry you work in.

DEG and GIZ have implemented development partnerships on behalf of BMZ for over 19 years. You will benefit from their professional and practical experience in international cooperation with the private sector, their proven regional expertise and the worldwide network with governments, business associations and local companies.


Your partner for technical cooperation for your project in country

GIZ has been active in international cooperation for sustainable development for more than 50 years. It works with companies to develop strategies for sustainable business practices. Companies benefit from GIZ’s technical and regional experience, its strength in project implementation and its contacts to governments, agencies and non-governmental organisations in some 120 countries.

Are you looking for technical support and connections for implementing your project in country? Then GIZ is your partner.


Your partner for financing your project

DEG has been successfully funding, advising and supporting private companies operating and investing in developing and emerging countries for over 55 years. Companies benefit from DEG’s market knowledge, its 14 locations worldwide and its international network.

Do you want to implement your project on your own and set up long-term operations in the country? Then DEG is your partner.